What the experts say

When it comes to the dental health claims we make, you don’t just need to take our word for it. We’re happy to say we’re endorsed by these lovely folk. You can read about each of them in more detail below too.

A little bit about xylitol

If you’re new to xylitol, it may help to know that it has been the subject of over 600 scientific studies which overwhelmingly demonstrate its ability to reduce plaque.
We work closely with the world’s leading xylitol experts, dental health professionals and independent bodies to make sure everything we claim is backed up with scientific research.
‘Xylitol may be the biggest advance in dentistry since fluoride’
Dr Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation
Our friends at the Oral Health Foundation are leaders in promoting preventative dental care. They have tested and certified all of our products which means we can proudly carry their logo on all of our packaging. They have also given us these accredited claims:


+ Eating Peppersmith mints and gum with xylitol helps reduce plaque
+ Eating Peppersmith mints and gum with xylitol reduces the risk of tooth decay
+ Eating Peppersmith mints and gum with xylitol is good for dental health
+ Eat Peppersmith mints and gum for healthier teeth
+ Eat Peppersmith mints and gum after meals, two to three times a day
We also work closely with a number of dental practices across the UK who recommend Peppersmith to their patients, such as Dr James Goolnik, principle dentist at Bow Lane Dental, who says:
‘Research has demonstrated that the use of xylitol helps to repair enamel damage caused by acid erosion. We recommend Peppersmith to help conveniently keep your teeth protected all day long whilst on the go.’
We’ve worked with our panel of dental health professionals to create some tips for keeping your teeth healthy, have a read here.
While our mints and gum are dental health products, they are also still ‘food’ so we have to stick to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) rules on health claims. The good news is xylitol was one of the first ingredients they gave the green light to and we can officially make our claims.
If you want any more information about how our products are good for teeth you can read about xylitol here, check out our FAQ’s or if you want to get really technical, we have a section for Dental Health Professionals.
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