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Spear we go

25 February 2011

After months and months of different trials to get the right recipe, we’re very pleased to announce that our new fine English spearmint gum will be in the shops next month.

It’s taken us a while but we’re very happy with the result; you can really taste the difference between the real spearmint and the artificial stuff used as standard in most gum. And just like our peppermint gum our latest addition has been accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation (for helping reduce plaque and the risk of tooth decay) and is free from any weird synthetic ingredients.

As a little introduction to our latest ingredient, spearmint (Mentha Spicata) is the classic English garden mint. If you’ve ever made mint sauce from the mint in your garden, this is the stuff you’ll have used. We get ours from the same lovely farm in Hampshire that we get our peppermint (peppermint is actually a cross-between spearmint and watermint [Mentha Aquatica]). It’s spicier than peppermint, has a bit less menthol and if you’ve ever seen it, it grows much taller.

And in case you were wondering, it gets its name from its pointy leaves.

As a tribute to this lovely plant and due to the fact that it’s Friday and we’re trying to kill some time before the weekend, here of our some of other favourite spears…

Burning Spear
Cape Spear
Er Britney Spears

OK we give up. Have a nice weekend.

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